When to Contact an Employment Lawyer

If you work for a large organization, you most likely have a highly competent legal department who advises you on matters related to your department’s products and services as well as your personnel situations. If you work for a smaller company, you may not have access to your own internal legal counsel. Companies without internal […]

Managing a Small Business in Today’s World

There are many challenges facing small businesses in today’s economic climate. Perhaps the most obvious but also the most challenging is the access to capital or getting loans. Banking institutions have become very cautious and finding credit is difficult. One vehicle for small businesses to consider for financing is Small Business Administration (SBA) backed loans […]

Evaluating Employee Benefits

  Each year employers typically reevaluate the benefits offered to their employees. It is important to note that what may be traditionally important to Baby Boomers who have either just entered retirement or are well established in their careers, may not be as important to the Gen-Xers and Millennials.  This article focuses on employee benefits […]

Five Simple Tips for Organizing a Project

  A new year is a wonderful time to start a project that you have been meaning to get to but haven’t yet. Here are five tips that will help you at least start the planning process.   Expand your Horizons   Most projects start as a concept that needs to be vetted out in […]